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How to Get Free GDS Training

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GDS refers to the global distribution systems that are used by travel agencies in order to make airline reservations and sell airline tickets. This system makes the airline tickets available through Internet gateways and most airlines have given most of their ticketing over to GDS companies. The most modern GDS allow for package booking, hotel booking and rental car booking besides airline tickets. There are a number of different GDS systems, including Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Abacus and Patheo.

Perform a search online for any free GDS software downloads available. There are many different types of GDS and not all are available for free. Be aware that any free download found on the web may have restrictions as the entire capabilities of the software may not be available. Most GDS companies offer GDS training with online options for those who do not live near a training center. It is possible to be trained in using GDS without actually having the software available.

Speak to the company you work for. By learning a new GDS system you are providing additional knowledge and skills to the company. As with many higher education or continuing education programs, many employers will refund you the class and training fees with successful completion of the program.

Look for internships at travel agencies and airline systems as you will be trained in how all systems work. The training may be different than in courses as you will be supervised by an expert in the software.

Contact the GDS software company to determine if they are offering any free training classes or seminars. Many times these companies will offer free seminars and training, though registration is necessary. These companies will also have demo versions of the software available for training use.


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