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How to Learn Timberline Software

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Knowing how to use Timberline Office may allow you to gain employment, if you are looking for a job in the construction or real estate field. Sage North America created Timberline Office software to assist construction and real estate companies to streamline their business processes and meet objectives, such as cost control and profitability. Timberline Office is a modular software system that can be customized to provide the tools a customer needs, including accounting, estimating, change orders and project management - all linked as needed.

Take a course with Sage University. Sage North America has created a learning website that accompanies its products and offers nine separate subscription options, each geared for a different type of customer. Three different learning environments are included—anytime, real-time and replay learning.

Enroll in a third-party course.Partners are authorized and trained by Sage to give instruction in Timberline software products. Call 800-628-6583 to find the nearest authorized training center -- Sage boasts more than 50 cities to choose from.

Call your local community college or university and ask whether Timberline software is used on campus. Sage donates Timberline software to schools and universities throughout the country -- having access to the software and learning it in your own time-frame may be possible through a local school.

Request customized group training from the same authorized partners that are training individuals. This may be an ideal solution for a company when more than one person needs the same training.


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