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How to Become a Unilock Contractor

Unilock focuses on the landscaping industry, manufacturing products such as paving stones and retaining walls. Unilock offers landscapers the ability to incorporate innovative designs into landscaping architecture, helping the end clients realize their visions for outdoor living spaces. Landscaping contractors can rely on on Unilock for customer support and service and a wide selection of products to incorporate into customer designs that are backed with lifetime guarantees. To become a Unilock contractor, landscapers will need to contact Unilock directly and discuss available opportunities with a corporate representative.

Visit the Unilock corporate website to learn more about Unilock products, services and support provided to Unilock customers and contractors. Unilock indicates that thousands of landscaping professionals rely on Unilock as the main manufacturer for concrete paver and wall products. Unilock provides a diverse range of products designs for both pavers and retaining walls, in addition to products for building fireplaces, water features, outdoor grills and seating, and other “harmony” elements. You will want to review Unilock offerings to gain an idea of how well Unilock products will suit your customers' demographics.

Review the installation section of the website to learn more about how to install Unilock products. This section of the Unilock corporate website feature videos, spec sheets, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and other important installation resources. For a landscaper, ease of installation is likely crucial to profitability. Understanding what it takes to install Unilock products can help you determine whether Unilock is a good fit for your landscaping business.

Visit the Unilock Professional website to learn more about some specific installation options for products lines such as Cordova and Tuscany. In addition, this site will provide details on how you can make your own designs for manufacture by Unilock, and you can review information about the design software Unilock provides to assist you with this process. You will also find a link to the Unilock showroom on this site. Be sure to review this link.


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