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How to Become a Kellogg Convenience Distributor

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Kellogg is a well-known brand name and distributor for cereals and snack foods. You see items such as cookies, crackers, nutrition bars and ready-to-eat cereals just about everywhere; grocery stores, gas stations, office supply outlets, convenience markets and other places. If you would like to become a Kellogg convenience item distributor, contact the company and it will get you started.

Selling Kellogg’s Convenience Snack Items

Visit the Kellogg’s convenience store team website at Click on the merchandising link on the top of the homepage. Click on the merchandising guide link on the side of the page to see the latest products which include stackable counter bar-displays, cereal-to-go, cracker and cookie racks and floor stands. Decide what kinds of items you would like to sell in your business.

Click on the Sales Contacts link at the right top corner of the home page. Fill out your name, company name, type of business and email address. There is a space for additional comments. You can also call the Kellogg’s Convenience Store Team at 888-289-5554. A sales team member will discuss the particulars of having Kellogg’s snack items in your business.

Fill out a merchandising order form, indicating the items you want to purchase; your sales representative will then provide specific information about what programs are available. Read the bottom of the form carefully, include the requested information and note that your signature on the document means you are accepting a commitment to purchase all items on a suggested monthly product volume list.


Ask your sales representative specific questions about your monthly purchase commitment and require him to provide the details to you in writing, including the length of the contract (if there is one) and penalties if you do not follow through.


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