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Job Description of a Cart Attendant

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A cart attendant duties encompass more than just gathering shopping carts. Generally speaking, the cart attendant is on the lower rung of the company ladder and therefore has some of the less desirable jobs lumped into the attendant job description. The attendant is most often also responsible for helping guests with the larger carry-out items, keeping the entrances clean of debris, cleaning up any spills that may occur through out the store and generally helping out when asked or needed. Since this is considered an entry-level position, there is always room for potential growth if the employee desires.

Retrieve and Maintain Carts

While this may seem pretty straight-forward, retrieving and maintaining the shopping carts accounts for a large portion of the job description. A job not always easily taken care of when the store is full of customers and more are coming through the doors looking for carts to use. The attendant must gather up all the unused carts, clean them of any left behind garbage and bring them to the front of the store for the guests to use.

Assist Guest with Carryouts

A cart attendant is also responsible for helping guests with carryout items. Anything too big or too cumbersome will probably require the assistance of the cart attendant. While the customer is checking out, he may ask for help getting the item or items into their vehicle, and this is where the cart attendant will show up to offer their aid.

Clean Front Areas

Another part of the job description is to keep the front entryways and exterior entryways clean. Depending on the store's geographic location that may mean shoveling snow and ice melting, or it could also mean sweeping aside fallen leaves. The attendant is also responsible for picking up and removing any garbage that has accumulated in or near the entryways.

Clean up Spills

The cart attendant is also responsible for cleaning up any spills that may occur throughout the store. Everyone at one time or another has heard, "clean-up on aisle 4". That clean-up is often carried out by the cart attendant.


Along with the aforementioned job duties, the cart attendant is also responsible for other duties as the supervisor on duty sees necessary. This may include but not be limited to stocking shelves, assisting with cashiering and cleaning the guest bathrooms.

Required Education and Training

As an entry-level position, the cart attendant job does not require an advanced education. This particular job is actually very well-suited for those still in high school looking for part-time employment and for those looking to add a job to their resume. There is also very little training involved, at most you will receive a couple hours of hands-on training once hired. There will be a significant amount of heavy moving and/or lifting, so keep that in mind when applying.


The salary ranges for a cart attendant are between $17,000 and $20,000 annually depending on your place of employment, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because this is a position most often filled at a retail store, it is also important to note that you may receive a store discount of anywhere from 10 to 20 percent. Keep this discount in mind when applying and choose a store you frequent so you can make the best use of your employee discount.


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