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How to Get a Job As a Cart Boy

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A cart boy, or cart attendant, cleans, parks and keeps the golf carts gassed or charged at a golf course. Other duties often include keeping the grounds around the clubhouse tidy, picking up litter and emptying outside garbage cans into larger dumpsters. Cart attendants are held accountable for keeping the carts charged, free of debris and parked in an organized and orderly manner. This job typically requires you to be at least 14 years old with a valid work permit, though many establishments require that you are at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license.

Go to the golf course you would like to work at. Dress neat but casual with a collared shirt and clean shorts or pants.

Ask for the manager of the clubhouse. Tell her you’re interested in becoming a cart attendant for her golf course. Ask if she has any positions available. If she does, ask for a job application. If she doesn’t have a position open, ask if she would consider keeping a job application on file if one does open up.

Take the job application home, fill it out completely, using blue or black ink and legible handwriting. Do not fold the application papers or get them dirty.

Return your completed application to the clubhouse manager. Tell her you’re eager to work there and excited for the opportunity. Shake her hand and be professional in your interactions.

Show up on time for your interview, and wear appropriate clothes, like a collared shirt and khaki pants or shorts. Keep a professional manner throughout the interview; use your best manners and show respect toward all guests and employees at the golf course.


If you know someone who works or golfs regularly at the golf course, mention this to the clubhouse manager. It may increase your chances of getting an interview.


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