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How to Get a Doorman Job in NYC

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The inner world of New York City doormen is a little bit mysterious. Doormen make good money, get great health and retirement benefits and receive tips from tenants. There's a very low turnover rate, as most doormen stick with their jobs, and getting hired isn't easy. Openings are rarely advertised, despite there being well over 3,000 apartment buildings in the city. Still, there are ways to get one of these jobs.

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Have connections. "Mostly, doormen say, it’s knowing someone or knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone," says a New York Times article about doormen. You're more likely to get hired if you have an "in" on staff.

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Ask friends and family. If there is an opening in their apartment building, you can use them as a reference to speak to the supervisor.

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Get personal. Don't just fill out an application and leave. Ask for an interview. Connecting with a supervisor and getting him to see you as an individual helps your chances of getting hired.

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Be polite and respectful during your interview. Doormen have a reputation for being trustworthy, upright and discreet people who take a genuine interest in their building's tenants.