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Job Description of a Valet Driver

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A valet driver, also called a valet parking attendant, drives a patron’s vehicle to a designated parking area and delivers the vehicle back to the owner upon request. Valet drivers are employed at restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, special event facilities, luxury apartment buildings and other venues. In addition to wages, valet drivers also earn tips.

Duties of a Valet Driver

Valet drivers are expected to be well-groomed with excellent customer service and driving skills. The driver should demonstrate a sense of professionalism and courtesy that earns the trust of customers. He should also be able to quell any concerns car owners might have about handing over the keys to their vehicles. In addition, the driver must correctly record the make, model and exact location of each vehicle he has parked in case another driver has to retrieve the car. In some instances, a hotel valet driver might assist with loading or unloading luggage for guests.

Valet Job Requirements

A valid driver’s license is required to obtain a valet driver position. There are no formal education requirements, and new drivers undergo training by seasoned co-workers. Drivers should be available on evenings and weekends as those are often the peak hours for dining and entertainment venues. In addition to customer service skills, other important qualities are organization, attention to detail and an ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment.


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