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How to Apply for a Gas Station Job

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Gas station employees are responsible for many different tasks. They handle money, deal with the public, stock shelves, count and order inventory and maintain the facility. Some gas station employees supervise other gas station employees. As a result, they are also responsible for creating work schedules, handing out paychecks and reviewing employee performance. If you are applying for a job at a gas station, highlight your attributes that would allow you to perform these tasks at a high level.


Purchase the local newspaper. Look in the section that contains the jobs for employment opportunities at gas stations in your area.

Surf the Web. Many job sites are available and are easy to navigate.

Inquire with the gas station management. Next time you're in the gas station you would like to work at, ask the manager if there are jobs available.


Ask for an application if the gas station has an opening. Bring it home and take your time filling it out.

Write neatly and do not omit information. This will show your potential employer that you are neat and thorough.

Refer to the description of the position. If the application has a spot for you to detail your work history and strengths, complete that section. For example, if the description is asking for a person who is good with people, highlight an example of a time you assisted a coworker at a prior job.

Provide references that support how you would succeed in a job at a gas station. If you have a resume, attach it to the application.

Follow the instructions. If the application indicates a time during the day to return it, such as 2 p.m., then do not return it at 3 p.m.


Dress up. Wear a tie if you are a man or a dress if you are a woman. Shower, shave and brush your hair. As simple as it sounds, it goes a long way to getting a job.

Arrive on time. Do not be late for the interview under any circumstances.

Shake hands with the person who is interviewing you and look them in the eye. Be polite during the interview.

Talk about how your experiences will help you do a good job at the gas station and refer to the position description.

Shake hands and thank the interviewer for the opportunity. Ask her what the next step is and when you will hear from her.


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