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Gas Station Clerk Responsibilities

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According to the OICA, the United States produced over 4,000,000 automobiles and over 6,000,000 commercial vehicles in 2013. These vehicles run on gasoline, diesel fuel and alternative fuels. With so many vehicles on the road, gas stations and their employees serve an important function for drivers and passengers. Gas station clerks serve customers both in the store and at the gas pumps. They also provide other services for the station as needed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average salary of $21,960 for gas station clerks in May 2013.

Convenience Store Responsibilities

Many gas stations include convenience stores, allowing customers to purchase food, medicine or automotive supplies. Gas station clerks assist customers who need assistance finding various products on the shelves. They restock the shelves as items get sold. They also accept payments from customers in the form of cash, check or credit cards. Gas station clerks also provide customers with directions to local sites and help customers locate the sites on a map. In self-service stations, the gas station clerk authorizes the gas pumps, allowing customers to pump their gas.

Parking Lot Responsibilities

Gas station clerks work outside, serving customers as well. In a full-service station, the clerk greets the customers when they drive up to the pump. She pumps the amount of gas requested for the customer. In addition, she cleans the windshield, measures the oil and checks the tire pressure. In between customers, she cleans the parking lot and restrooms. At stations that include car washes, she operates the car wash for the customer.

Reporting Responsibilities

In addition to serving the customers, gas station clerks also provide services for gas station managers. This includes preparing daily reports that communicate sales of fuel, automotive supplies and food products. At the end of each shift, the gas station clerk balances his register and identifies any overage or shortage of cash received.

Required Attributes

Several attributes contribute to a successful career as a gas station clerk. These include communication skills, selling ability and coordination. A gas station clerk communicates regularly with customers. She listens to the customer's requests, responds to any questions and informs the customer what her total cost will be. The gas station clerk employs selling ability when she asks customers if they’d like to purchase cookies on sale. Coordination helps when the clerk is checking the customer’s oil and tire pressure.

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