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How to Find Summer Jobs at a Country Club

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How to Find Summer Jobs at a Country Club. There are tons of jobs available at a country club. No matter what your interests are--food service, landscaping, golfing, bar-tending or business management--there are opportunities for you. Many country clubs hire additional staff in the summer because they get busier.

Decide what kind of job you'd like to do at the country club. Look at your skills and future plans and pick a job accordingly. There are a number of opportunities to choose from, including working in the kitchen, as a hostess, waitress, maintenance or you can be involved in the numerous sports the club might offer.

Start looking for a job in the spring. Acting early can give you a heads up over the other people who'll be looking for summer jobs.

Talk to people who are members of a country club. This goes for your parents and their friends. See if they know of any openings or at least know the name of the hiring manager.

Stop by the local clubhouses and ask for an application. See if the manager is available to meet with you quickly. Meeting in person will leave a better impression than calling to inquire about a position because it shows you are willing to go the extra mile to get the job.

Fill out the application with your work history, achievements, education and work skills. Be sure to emphasize skills that will apply directly to the job you're hoping to get. Hand it in.

Follow up with the hiring manager if you don't hear from him within a reasonable amount of time. Call and ask to speak with him. Tell him that you filled out an application for a job and were wondering if and when he's going to schedule interviews. Tell him you're very interested in working at the county club.

Prepare for your interview by brushing up on the country club's history. It impresses managers if you know something about the club. Think of all the skills and traits that make you a strong candidate for the job.


Ask country club members to put in a good word for you with the hiring manager. Dress professionally when filling out the application and interviewing. Consider going to a sunnier place for the summer to work. Florida has 400 country clubs. Country clubs are a great place to get a start in the hospitality industry, as you can work your way up the ladder. However, without hard work and dedication, two qualities that are vital to the hospitality industry.


Be prepared to start at the bottom This type of job requires skill in customer service and relations. Be prepared to deal with people on a daily basis. If you're not a people person, this not might be the job for you.