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How to Work at a Nightclub

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Employment in a nightclub has the potential to be an alluring job opportunity. The prospect of meeting new people and working in a party atmosphere is intriguing to those who are outgoing and love the night scene. Unless you have previously worked in a nightclub, the process of applying for a position may seem daunting, as clubs typically keep unusual business hours. Still, with determination and some luck, the nightclub position of your dreams can be within your grasp.

Assess your appearance. Superficial or not, the vast majority of nightclub employees are physically attractive people. From bouncers to bartenders, club staff are generally good-looking, fit and tanned. Consider whether your physical appearance would fit in with the culture of a nightclub staff. When applying for a job in person, dress professionally yet reveal enough of your best assets so that a potential employer can gauge your personal appearance.

Have an idea what nightclub position would interest you. Whether you can mix a signature martini or carry a tray of glasses in a miniskirt, know in advance what job you hope to apply for. If you have minimal experience, consider applying for a position as a barback, waiter or waitress, hostess or bouncer. Be realistic about your available work hours; you will most likely be required to stay after closing to help clean up.

Go early in the evening and ask to speak with a manager. Bring a copy of your resume. If applying for a nightclub job in person, head to the club prior to its opening to talk to a manager directly. Be confident and ask if they are hiring for the position you have in mind. If asked, discuss any experience you may have. Be prepared to demonstrate certain skills, such as bartending or DJ. If they suggest you follow up in a day or a week, be certain that you oblige their request.

Use job boards, Craigslist and classifieds. Craigslist and job boards such as Simply and (see References) often list available nightclub job positions from across the country. Local classified advertisements are another possible source for locating club employment openings in your area.


If you have a "connection" to someone who works in a club or owns one, use it. Be familiar with a club's reputation before you apply for a job.


Understand that many clubs are very selective in hiring; much of this may be based on personal appearance. Be wary of a nightclub with high staff turnover and one that frequently changes ownership. Be certain you can separate business from pleasure; if you get the job, stay focused on the job.