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How to Become a District Manager

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Becoming a district manager (DM) is not an easy task. District manager positions hold a lot of responsibility and are stressful. A district manager's job is to manage lower management and to oversee daily business operations through numerous communication methods. Most DM positions require experience in the field and a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

Steps up the Ladder

Learn the qualifications for the district manager position before applying. Knowing the qualifications will help prepare for a career as a DM. Qualifications state education requirements, experience, and other vital components in becoming a District Manager.

Study for a business degree. This is often required for a majority of DM positions.

Work internships in the the district manager field of interest. Internships and job experience only improve meeting the job qualification criteria and always looks good on a resume. Working in the field will help meet possible experience requirements for the position. Know all aspects of the business. A good DM is able to perform the tasks of lower level management and to properly oversee the daily operations of the business.

Apply for a district manager job, knowing you have met all qualifications of the job. Be persistent and make a follow-up call or email to the person hiring.

Utilize any personal connections to increase the chance of getting a district manager job. It never hurts to have a recommendation from someone you may know in senior management. Competition for upper-level management jobs is fierce, and you need to stand out. DM's often start in entry-level positions with companies and advance their careers from there.


Have a professional service prepare your resume. Meet the qualifications needed to get the job. Utilize personal connections.


Don't follow up more than once after the interview or initial contact.