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How to Get a Job as Santa's Elf at the Mall

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Most shopping malls have a Santa Claus along with a few elves during the holiday season. This is a good part-time job for a high school or college student. It could also be a good job for anyone looking to make a little extra money during the holiday season. Generally, the mall Santas and elves make minimum wage or a little higher. Most holiday elves help to organize the line to see Santa, take pictures, and calm down children.

Go to your mall during September or October and look for any signs advertising for help. Most holiday positions are filled by the end of October. You may want to talk to someone at the mall office or a security guard to find out who hires the elves for the holiday. Face-to-face contact is often best to apply for a holiday position.

Contact a temporary staffing agency in your area. Positions for Santa's Elf at the mall are sometimes contracted out to agencies.

Check the classified ads in your local paper. Jobs for holiday elves are usually advertised locally. Check Craig’s List as well.

Check hiring policies at the mall. You may have to be a certain age to apply or there may be some other additional requirements.

Fill out an application. Temporary holiday jobs are usually entry level and do not require any experience. But if you have experience working with children or in customer service, be sure to highlight it on your application. You may also want to emphasize any photography experience because some Santa's elves will operate a camera. You may have to submit to a background check since you will be working with small children.

Attend your interview. To be an elf at the mall, you will need to be upbeat and positive. You should display those characteristics at the job interview.

Be flexible. One of the most important qualifications for any holiday job is a flexible schedule and the ability to work long hours. Employers will be looking for someone that can commit quite a bit of time for a couple of months. Also keep in mind that you may have to rent or buy an elf costume that you will be responsible for. You may also be required to apply and put on makeup with your elf costume.


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