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How to Write a First Job Resume for a Movie Theater Job

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Movie theaters are the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights when you're a teenager. Whether you go there on dates or with groups of friends, movie theaters are among the most common recreational destinations for teenagers. Not surprisingly, many young people choose movie theaters as their first jobs. After all, a movie theater job generally comes with free admission to movies and a hefty discount on snacks. If you'd like your first job to be at a movie theater, here is how to prepare a resume to help you get noticed.

Summary Section

Write a short "Summary" section at the beginning of your resume. This section should include a statement of whether you're seeking part-time or full-time employment, what you hope to gain from having a movie theater job and how hiring you will benefit the theater. This section should be brief, no longer than a paragraph.

Availability Section

Create an "Availability" section that discusses the hours and days you are currently available. If you expect this availability to change in the future, say so.

Skills Section

Describe your skills in a bulleted list. Let your prospective first employer know if you're good with people, if you have great math skills, if you're friendly or if you're good with children. Make sure to mention specialized skills, such as those you acquired if you participated in your school's film or audio-video club.

Experience Section

Include a section on your resume that lists any volunteer experience you've had. Write each volunteer job as its own bullet point and briefly describe what you did in the position, what your responsibilities were and any remarkable achievements you reached while in the position. Include any experience that could help with your new job, like selling tickets for a school event.

Education Section

Detail your educational background. Make special mention of any scholastic achievements, honors or awards you've received. If you feel your intelligence is what differentiates you from other applicants, bump this section to near the top of your resume.


Most movie theater jobs don't require any special skills to start. However, if you're interested in being a projectionist, you'll need to be strong enough to lift the heavy rolls of film that can weigh 50 pounds or more. Draw up a list of references to have on hand, just in case your prospective employer asks for them. Make sure you contact each reference, before you include them in your reference list, to make sure they don't mind.