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How to List a Voice-Over on an Acting Resume

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When typing your acting resume, be as clear and concise as possible. Highlight your acting experience by including voice-overs, especially if you're a beginning actor. If you're an actor with moderate or extensive experience, listing a single voice-over may not be as important -- unless you want to focus on that area for more v.o. jobs. In either case, list your voice-over experience in a manner that informs the reader at a glance.

Type a sub-division heading for "Voice-Overs" in the area of your resume where you list your experience as an actor. These subdivisions should come before the "Training" and "Education" sections of your acting resume.

List "Theater," "Film/Television," "Commercials" and "Voice-Overs" as sub-division headings within the resume. You can list the headings in whatever order you choose, such as putting "Film/Television" before "Theater" or "Voice-Overs" before "Commercials."

List the specifics of your voice-over such as "Radio commercial for Black and White Cookies." You can also list the producer of the commercial: "Radio Commercial for Black and White Cookies, Anyname Cable Company."


The type and size of font you use to list a voice-over is based on your personal preference. There is no standard industry format.

Dates are not necessary to include on the acting resume.


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