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How to List Professional Development on a Resume

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When seeking a new job, every experience and accomplishment you have that is relevant to the job you want should be included on your resume in order to sell yourself as the ideal candidate. Traditionally, your degrees are listed in an "Education" section, while your job experience is listed under "Experience." However, you may have participated in seminars, conferences and other training courses throughout your career that an employer would find noteworthy. For these types of educational credentials, it is appropriate to create a separate professional development section on your resume.

Type the section title "Professional Development" on your resume. If you are using a chronological resume format, include this between your "Education" and "Experience" section. If you are using a functional resume format, place this section beneath the "Skills" section, either just before or after your "Experience" section. If you do not have a formal degree or feel your professional development activities are more impressive than either your education or experience, place the section above those two to display it more prominently.

Type the name of the seminar, workshop or presentation in quotations, followed by the name of the convention, conference or hosting organization. If you presented work at the workshop, include this information. (For example, "Research presented at Social Media Convention.")

Type the city or location in which the conference took place, such as "Seattle" or "Cornell University." Type the month, followed by the year.


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