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How to Make a DJ Resume

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If you want to be a DJ at a radio station or in a club, the first and most important step is writing a good resume. An employer is ideally looking for someone who has experience as a DJ, but even if you have never been a DJ before, a professional resume will pique the interest of your potential boss.


Format your resume, using 10 or 12 point font. There are many different types of resume formats, but in the traditional format your name and contact information should appear at the top, followed by sections such as work history, skills and education. For a DJ resume, you should make the first section "skills." List your skills as a DJ, including any computer and audio programs you are familiar with. Specify what kind of DJ you are, whether you are proficient in house music, psy-trance or techno. List the equipment you currently have available to use.

List your work history with corresponding dates. Include gigs you have had and any other DJ-oriented work at the top. Try and keep your work history specific to the DJ job you are applying for. For example, don't list the fast-food job you had as a kid.

List your education. This shouldn't matter as much as your skills and work history when you are applying for a DJ position, but if you do hold any university or trade school degrees, it will still impress your potential employer. If you have attended a DJ workshop or studied under another DJ, list that here.

List any awards you have won. If you have competed in DJ contests, even if you didn't win, include that information here.

Proofread your resume. Have your friend proofread your resume. Have a professional proofread your resume. Have a stranger proofread your resume. Then proofread it again. Your resume is your future and you want it to be as perfect as possible.

Print your resume and distribute it about town with a smile.


Consider writing a cover letter to accompany your resume. Talk about who you are, emphasizing your strong points. Talk about how skilled you are, but try not to brag. Be humble about why you are the perfect DJ for the job. This should be a paragraph or two at most.