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Proper Format for an Associate's Degree on a Resume

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One of the most important steps in finding a job is writing a proper resume. Your resume could be the only thing that an employer looks at before choosing whether to call you for an interview. It is important to include as much pertinent information about yourself as possible so that you can show potential employers all that you have to offer. If you have one or more associate's degrees, include these items in the "education and training" section of your resume.

Tips on Writing the Education Section of Your Resume

Before mastering the proper format for an associate's degree on your resume, you need to learn the basics of a chronological resume. In a chronological resume, you begin with your name and your contact information; following this, you enter your educational background and your work experience. When writing the education section, think about how your education will help you in the job that you are applying for. Highlight aspects of your educational background that will assist you in the job that you are applying for. In addition, choose whether to make your education section big or small. Bigger sections are appropriate for students and individuals with little or no work experience. Smaller sections (listing simply the school, the year you graduated and the degree you obtained), are appropriate when you want your work experience to stand out. Choose which format is the most appropriate for your situation.

Proper Format of Entries

Once you have planned the details of your education section, you need to properly format the entries. First, title the section "Education." Under this title, enter the type of degree that you obtained, what the focus was of the degree, and the year that you obtained it. For example, if you received an associate's degree in nursing, the first thing you would type is "Associate's Degree, Nursing 2009". Place this information in bold type to make it stand out. Underneath the degree, type the name of the school that you attended and the city and state where it is located. Finally, on the third line, include information such as GPA, honors received or other pertinent information.


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