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What Type of Information Should Be Included in a Resume?

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A resume is a document that introduces you to potential employers. It gives them enough information about your educational and employment history to make a decision whether or not to invite you for an interview. Your resume is a sales pitch, so you should try to put your best foot forward by choosing the right type of resume format. When deciding what information to put in your resume, be aware that resumes posted online should not contain too much personal information, especially if they are easily accessible to the general public.

Personal Information

Your personal information is usually the first item on your resume. It should be prominently displayed at the top of the page with your name highlighted in a larger font. The personal information that goes on your resume is your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Other personal details such as height, weight, age or marital status are not necessary .

Professional Profile

Your profile is a professional snapshot. In this section of your resume, you should give potential employers a sense of what distinguishes you from others by highlighting your accomplishments, background and skills.


In this section, list your pertinent educational qualifications, beginning with the most recent. For recent college graduates, listing your grade point average and any honors is a good way to demonstrate your competence in your field of specialization. Unless you are still in high school, do not list your pre-college education.

Employment History

As with education, list your employment history by starting with the most recent and working downwards. With each position you list, be sure to give potential employers an idea of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Make your accomplishments tangible by quantifying them. For instance, "I increased sales by 30 percent," is more descriptive and impressive than "effectively increased sales."


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