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How to Make a Resume for a 16-Year-Old

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Although teens typically do not have an extensive work history, those who are applying for internships or part-time jobs may be called upon to supply a resume. Creating a high school resume that highlights relevant coursework, extracurricular activities and volunteer work, as well as any employment history, will help a high school student impress prospective employers.

Organize Your Data

List your extracurricular activities, including clubs, organized sports, academic groups, and volunteering. Identify the activities in which you hold a leadership roles.

Summarize your involvement in organizations outside of school, such as scouting. Employers will be impressed by the commitment required to remain involved for many years and demonstrate upward progress.

Compile information about your special education or training. For example, list certifications in first aid or CPR, as well as any additional coursework you've completed outside of school.

Create the Resume

Begin the resume with your contact information: name, mailing address, telephone number and email address.

Add an "Objective" heading and summarize your desired position in one sentence.

Create a heading for education, and list the name of your high school, its address and your expected graduation date. List any classes that pertain to the job position (computer classes or math classes, for example), as well as any awards or recognition you have earned. Include your GPA only if it is at least 3.0.

Add a “Work Experience and Volunteering” heading next. Make a bullet-point list of your previous jobs and volunteer work. Includes the name of the employer, the dates of employment, and a summary of your responsibilities and achievements.

Position a “Qualification Summary” heading next. In a few short sentences, summarize your qualifications and explain how you meet the requirements of the job or internship.


Do not place references on a resume. Compile a list of references on a separate paper and furnish this to a prospective employer upon request.

Proofreading is important to writing an effective resume. Ask someone else to read your resume and look for errors before you submit it.


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