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How to Write Good Resume If You've Never Worked Before

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Many students may find themselves approaching graduation and about to enter the job market. Some students will have worked part-time jobs, likely during the summer, or had student internships. For these students, they will be able to fill out an employment history section on a resume. Some graduating students, though, find themselves with the prospect of writing a resume and having no job experience. You may be someone who has raised children, then finds herself divorced and looking for employment. Whatever the reason, you can write a resume that will help get you a job.

Step 1:

Begin writing your resume by placing your contact information on the top of the page. Many resumes have their names in larger print than the address, phone number and email address. Use a resume template such as those found in Microsoft Word or online if you feel more comfortable using a template.

Step 2:

Include a section titled “Objective” and write a sentence that describes your objective in finding employment. You can always write something such as “To find employment that utilizes my skills in a professional and productive work environment.”

Step 3:

Follow your objective with a section on education. Include the names of schools you attended and graduation dates. If you have an excellent GPA, list it.

Step 4:

Complete a section on qualifications. This is the section you need to highlight because you have no work experience. Instead of past employment, list any writing or communication skills, any organizational skills, the ability to work in a team environment (which can be a quality shown in school), skills with using tools or other machinery and any skills displayed through volunteer work.

Step 5:

Add a section on computer skills. List any computer applications, such as word processing applications, with which you are familiar.

Step 6:

Finish your resume with a section on “pre-employment experience.” You can list activities in this section that demonstrate the qualifications you listed in a previous section. You can also list any organizations with which you’ve had experience, any clubs that you’ve been a member of and volunteer work you’ve performed.


Create a new email address that you will use specifically for your job hunting and to put on your resume. This way, you can select a professional-looking email address.


Job hunting, even for those with work experience, can be a long and frustrating task.