How to Write Personal Information on a Resume

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A resume is the first impression that you give to potential employers and, if it does not have the proper content, it may be your last. Employers want to see the highlights of relevant work experience, education and other information that qualifies you for the position, not your whole life story. Over-sharing of personal information is a common pitfall, and one that is easy for eager applicants to fall into. Remember, a resume is your opportunity to market yourself and show not only your qualifications, but also your ability to clearly and concisely present relevant information.

Place your name at the top of the resume.

Write your contact information below your name. Include your present address, phone number and email address.

Write an objective. This is a one or two line statement about your career goals and your desired position. Customize your objective for each position you apply for.

List your educational experience. Each entry should include the institution, degree, major, minor, graduation date and grade point average. Omit high school experience if you have higher-level education.

List work experience relevant to the position. Each entry should include the employer, position, time of employment and a few brief statements describing your accomplishments in the position. Put the entries in chronological order, with the most recent first. Include unpaid positions.

List skills that qualify you for the position. These can include professional, computer or other technical skills.

List honors and activities you have achieved or participated in. List only honors and activities that are relevant to the position.


Make use of language from the job posting throughout your resume to highlight your strengths as they relate directly to the context of the position you are applying for.

Get feedback on your resume from your peers, an online service provided by a job search website, like Monster or CareerBuilder, or by using campus resources, if you are a student.


Your resume should always be organized in a professional manner, typed, scanner friendly and no longer than one or two pages.