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Common Jobs for Teenagers

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Teenagers hunt for after-school or summer jobs to buy items ranging from clothing to cars. They like to have their own spending money, since many of the things they want to purchase are considered extras to many parents.

Fast Food Restaurant Jobs

The most common job for teens is in fast food. These jobs offer minimum wage. A teenager will usually cook food, take orders, work the cash register or assist with cleaning.

Retail Jobs for Teens

Other teens score jobs at a local store. Clothing stores, music stores, video rental stores, shoe stores and other retail establishments sometimes hire teens.

Public Library Jobs for Teens

The public library sometimes hires teenagers to shelve books. Teens may assist library patrons who need help using the library copier or computers as well.

Movie Theaters

Some teens land jobs at local movie theaters. They might sell movie tickets or serve as ushers. Some sell refreshments at the concession stand or sweep movie-theater floors.

Office Jobs and Internships

Sometimes teens can find office jobs or internships with a corporation. Those with computer and keyboarding skills may find part-time office jobs. Teens who are Web or graphic-design gurus or have a knack for writing can find internship opportunities.

Lifeguard Jobs for Teens

Teens who complete lifeguard training can find jobs working at swimming pools. They must be strong swimmers and complete CPR training in order to find jobs as lifeguards.


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