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Stay-at-Home Word Processing Jobs

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Thousands of typists are gainfully employed with stay-at-home word processing jobs. Many legal and medical transcriptionists work from home in pajamas. Employers do not have to provide space or equipment for someone to work at home, so the trend is becoming more popular. Yet many word processing jobs advertised on the Internet turn out to be telemarketing positions or advertising placement schemes that cannot fund a home business. There are many good stay-at-home jobs, but it may take some time and effort to find one that’s right for you.

Stay-At-Home Word Processing Jobs

Network with friends and relatives. Let everyone you speak to know of your desire to do word processing work at home. Companies that outsource word processing will tell their employees of the need. Some may trust a relative of an employee to work on a long-distance basis, but most will want to interview local people to work from home.

Advertise your services. Place a free ad on craigslist. Go to:, click on your home state, then the nearest city. Click “post to classifieds,” then “resume / job wanted." Fill in the box sections with your qualifications and contact information. Your home business will enjoy free advertising for 30 days.

Consider training for at-home word processing work. College courses can certify a worker for grant writing, resume writing, copy editing or specialized transcriptionist positions.

Go to work for a website. Many online word processing positions involve writing descriptions of products or services. Some will ask for dictation or transcription. One very good company that offers at-home jobs is Demand Studios, the operators of this website. Transcribers can apply for jobs at: to work from home for Demand Studios.


Watch out for the scams advertised online. There are literally millions of them. In reality there are very few at-home word processing jobs offered online. Companies don’t mail their valuable receipts and hard copy information to a stranger for data entry or records keeping. Some websites want to charge a fee to look through “thousands of listed jobs.” Several of these jobs are on-location positions. Some advertise an hourly, weekly or monthly figure for your at home earnings. Pay for home jobs is based on production, so it’s impossible to predict earnings. If any statement in an online advertisement seems suspicious, it’s probably just another scam.