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How to Find Free Work At Home Jobs

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I have worked from home for more than a year now. I have not gotten rich; but I make a decent income, can pay my bills, and have money to save.

The trick is to find the best work from home jobs that are legitimate. Sometimes it can seem daunting to find scam free work from home jobs, but follow these tips and you can find free work at home jobs in no time!

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Use Craigslist for your work from home job search! Craigslist is a great resource for free,real work at home jobs, but is also a hub for scams. When you search Craigslist you want to do it nationally, not just for your surrounding area. I answered an ad that was placed in New York City (halfway across the country) and I got the job! If it is a telecommuting position, many times you can work from anywhere and earn money from home.

The benefit of searching Craigslist nationally is that is easier to spot scams. If you see the same ads posted in various cities, it is likely a scam; but do not let that scare you away from the job search. There are many real work at home jobs on Craigslist.

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Search work from home forums such as WAHM and WorkPlace Like Home (see Resources) for legitimate work at home job opportunities. These forums have many active members and you can learn quite a bit from them. Many times there are even free work at home job leads posted there. You should never have to pay to register at any of these sites, so it is truly an amazing resource for some of the best work from home job advice.

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Search This is another great website for free work at home jobs. I discovered it while reading a thread about free work at home job listings in one of the forums listed in the Resource section.

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Before you apply for any jobs, update your resume, review for spelling errors, and tailor it and your cover letter for the specific work at home job you are applying for. This will set you apart from the crowd (and there is a big one!). Keep in mind that there are thousands of people, perhaps more, that are actively trying to earn money from home.


Always double-check your resume for spelling and grammar Get involved in forums that promote free work at home jobs Be prepared for a thorough search if you want a legitimate work from home opportunity


When emailing your resume to Craigslist ads leave off sensitive, personal info such as address--no one needs this immediately Never EVER pay for a job lead or a job (unless it is a background check) Beware of suspicious ads, look for scam free work at home jobs