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How to Find Jobs That You Don't Have to Apply for Online

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These days it seems that more and more companies are taking their job application processes online. That online application process can be a real challenge, especially if you are not comfortable using the Internet or if you do not have a reliable computer in your home. If you find yourself in either situation, you might want to seek out jobs that allow you to apply the old fashioned way.

Pick up copies of the local newspapers for your area and turn to the want ads. Go through each job posting and look for the application procedure. Circle those jobs that do not require an online application. Prepare a cover letter and send it, along with your resume, to the address listed in the ad.

Contact friends and colleagues in the field you want to work in and ask about any current job openings. Try to get the name of the hiring manager responsible for filling the position, then reach out to that individual to apply for the job.

Consider signing up for a temporary staffing firm or a contracting service. These services offer temporary, consulting and contract positions that often do not require a formal online application. Temporary and contract positions also give you the opportunity to show the employer what you can do, and if you do a good job that could lead to a full-time position.