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How to Start a Lawn Mowing Business for Kids

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Mowing lawns can help kids earn money during the spring and summer months. Some families are too busy to care for their own lawns. Others would rather spend that time with family or pursuing a hobby. Either way, they require the help of others. Lawn care enables kids to have their own business or team up with friends. They can work locally, set their own hours and spend time outdoors.

Borrow or purchase any lawn equipment you will need for your business, such as a lawn mower and string trimmer.

Advertise your business. You can hang flyers around town; staple them to telephone poles; put them in mailboxes and ask local vendors to place them in their store windows. Go door-to-door and promote yourself. Take out an advertisement in the local newspaper.

Organize your appointment schedule. Give yourself enough time at each job location and avoid double-bookings.

Manage your client contact information. You can use these emails or phone numbers to reconnect with your customers in the following years. Update this information when necessary.


Be sure to do your advertising in early spring before homeowners need to mow their lawns. Otherwise, they could have already secured workers for the season. Also, bring plenty of water with you to keep from becoming dehydrated. Offering extra services, such as gardening or fertilizing, and advertising a discount for referrals can earn you additional clientele.


Make sure you have enough time to take care of all your customers; overbooking and poor planning can cause you to lose customers. If you are using gas-powered equipment, keep an emergency container of gas on hand in case you need to refuel.


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