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Difference Between an Electronic Resume & a Paper Resume

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A resume is a summary of a person's experiences and skills relevant to the field they are currently working in or wish to find employment in. It's the first step in a job application process.

Paper Resume

A paper resume is typed, then printed on paper. The format is easy to read and appealing to the reader.

Electronic Resume

An electronic resume is saved on a computer and sent to a potential employer through email, or downloaded into an organizaton's application database on the Internet.


Paper resumes are more appealing because they're formatted and easy to read. Electronic resumes allow the job seeker to quickly and easily apply for job openings with a few keystrokes on a computer.


Because paper resumes are faxed or sent to an employer, it can take more time for the employer to receive and review it. When applying for a job with an electronic resume, formatting can be lost or distorted and make the resume hard to read.


When applying for employment, follow the employer's application instructions when sending your resume. If you receive an interview, take several copies of your resume with you and give a copy to each interviewer.


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