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How to Attach a Resume to an Online Job Application

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Today, many employers use online job applications as a way for job applicants to submit their information and a resume. Employers often use automated systems to scan resumes and electronic application information to screen the good candidates from the bad. While uploading or copying and pasting your resume online is relatively easy, making sure the format stays in a readable format can take a little effort.

Read the job posting to learn the resume format requirements. The site should tell you what type of document it supports such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Portable Document Format.

Revise your current resume or convert it to the required format. Fancy formatting that makes a print resume attractive can cause an online resume to look garbled. Refrain from using non-standard fonts and fancy borders that may make a resume difficult to read online.

You can change a document to "plain text" by right clicking the file and selecting plain text as the format. If you need to convert your document to a different program, use a free online file converter to change from one format to another. Save and rename your new resume.

Click the "Browse" button on the job website to search for the location where your document has been saved. Select the appropriate file and click "Upload" or "Continue." Alternately, some sites will also allow you to copy and paste the resume into a blank field.

Review your attached resume before you finalize the application. Most companies and job search sites allow users to preview attached resumes before submission. If you notice formatting errors, remove the resume, make corrections and reattach.


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