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How to Apply a Border to a Resume Paper

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When applying for a job, you must stand out from your fellow applicants. Your resume should look its best. Unfortunately, as a rule, most employers prefer a straightforward resume that is clear and concise without any frills or pictures. Adding a simple border to your resume can help make it stand apart from the rest while still looking attractive and professional.

Scan your resume and save to your computer. If your resume is already saved on your computer, skip to Step 2.

Open your resume in your word processing software.

Click on the "Page layout" tab and then click on the "page border" icon. If you are using a program other than Microsoft Word and cannot find the "page border" icon, simply click on "Help" and then type "borders" into the Search bar.

Scroll through the page border options. Choose from solid or dotted lines, shading, line thickness and your border placement.

Click on the options you like and then click on the "OK" button.

Click "Save" to save the border to your resume.


Save your new resume with a different name from the original so that you can change the border or update your resume as needed.


Keep your border simple. Most employers find loud and busy borders distracting.

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