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What Is CRT in Data Entry?

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In a data entry job, you may be required to enter data with or without a CRT screen. "CRT" stands for cathode ray tube; these are found in certain types of computer screens and older televisions.

Other Data Entry Types

In a non-CRT data entry job, the data you enter may be transferred from your keystrokes to a tape or disc without being seen on a screen. These modes of data entry are called key to tape or key to disc.

CRT Experience

If a data entry job requires CRT experience from applicants, this simply means you are required to have previously worked in a data entry setting where CRT screens were used. These may have been full-color or monochrome screens you used to enter data you heard over headphones or read from a sheet.


Working at a CRT screen for extended periods may contribute to eye strain, headaches and neurological symptoms in susceptible individuals. Most data entry jobs will mandate regular employee breaks from working at a CRT screen throughout a shift.


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