What Is Alphanumeric Data Entry?

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Alphanumeric data entry occurs when an actual person keys data -- containing both letters and numbers -- into a computer. This is typically done in a database and individuals are judged based on their keystrokes per hour, or kph.

Types of Data

Data entry professionals specializing in alphanumeric entries might enter addresses, including street numbers and names, phone numbers, full names and identification numbers of various types. It is critical to enter this information correctly. In some industries, such as health care, errors can prove to be costly or cause inconveniences for doctors and patients. Qualified data entry workers may find jobs in other industries, such as accounting, logistics, insurance companies and legal offices.

Speed and Proficiency

According to the University of Michigan Health System, individuals who can type 8,917 kph or more are considered excellent, while those keying between 4,041 and 5,304 kph are considered average.

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