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What Is Dictaphone Typing?

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Although originally trademarked in 1907 as the name of a tape recorder brand designed for dictation, Dictaphone now refers to any electronic device or software application that allows the user to create voice recordings of important notes. Dictaphone typing is a method of transcribing the audio recordings into typed electronic or printed documents.

What Does a Dictaphone Typist Do?

A Dictaphone typist listens to audio recordings and types the spoken words into a document, typically using a word processing application. Along with above-average listening and typing skills, Dictaphone typists must have excellent spelling, grammar and comprehension abilities to pick up contextual clues when a word or phrase is unclear. In addition, typists working in specialized areas, such as law or medicine, must have a broad understanding of field-specific terminology.

Who Uses Dictaphone Typing?

Attorneys, physicians and other professionals who need to record sensitive and detailed information while they work often employ the services of Dictaphone typists, who free their employers from a time consuming administrative task, enabling them to focus on their areas of expertise. Business professionals often use Dictaphone typing as a means of recording meeting details, webinar or video transcripts and finance briefings.