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Secretarial Self Evaluations: Job Performance

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A good secretary is able to handle a variety of tasks, all of which are related to clerical and office work. Secretaries answer phones, greet clients, type reports, fax documents and enter data into computers. Those performing self-evaluations should make sure they are executing those tasks, and more.


Typing is an important part of a secretary's job, and typing speed is particularly important. Generally, an ability to type a minimum of 50 words per minute is acceptable--although some industries may have higher expectations based on their needs.

Customer Service

Most secretaries provide important links between their company and its clients. It is vital to assess customer service skills during a self-evaluation. That includes professionalism, friendliness and strong communication skills. The ability to maintain a calm demeanor is essential when dealing with an unhappy client.


A good secretary is detail-oriented and an evaluation of job performance should gauge overall organizational skills, including filing and other record keeping, as well as administrative skills necessary to assist a superior in scheduling and managing appointments and meetings.