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Clerical Speed Definitions

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The clerical aptitude test assesses clerical skills and consists of a variety of subtests. This test may include any combination of the following skills: verbal reasoning, numerical ability, clerical typing speed and accuracy, clerical checking, grammar and spelling.

Clerical Aptitude

Clerical tasks influence business, and employee ability contributes to business success. High clerical aptitude is an advantage that demands keen attention to detail. Speed and accuracy are mandatory for reading, typing and completing projects.

Clerical Speed Test

Reception-style jobs that include light typing often require a minimum typing score of 25 words per minute (wpm). Employers seeking secretaries with speed and accuracy look for typing scores of at least 40 wpm. More advanced clerical positions, such as administrative assistant, call for impeccable typing speed and accuracy at 60 wpm or higher.

Typing Tips

Everyday typing skills can improve by using proper posture, keeping your computer screen at eye level and stretching your wrists and fingers before beginning. Tapping keys lightly with minimum force increases finger speed. Relaxing and typing as quickly as possible without trying too hard or forcing your speed also aid in typing speed and accuracy.