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Examples of Goals & Objectives for a Clerical Position

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The argument can be made that a clerical worker is the key to a successful office. It is up to a person in a secretarial position to ensure that all documents are correctly handled and archived for quick retrieval, that scheduling is done smoothly, that calls are answered and clients are attended to in a prompt manner. A clerical worker must also ensure the office staff remains organized and on task throughout the day. These duties can all be accomplished by setting a few achievable goals.

Exceed 40 Words Per Minute

Most secretaries are required to type at a minimum speed of 40 words per minute. Exceeding this minimum will make a clerical worker a more efficient employee with greater productivity and a greater capacity to take dictated notes. You can learn to type faster through general practice, or by taking a course with exercises geared toward improving speed.

Develop an Effective Filing System

Clerical workers are often expected to handle all paperwork that comes through an office, whether it's balance sheets, time sheets, new employee paperwork or client files. An effective strategy to manage paperwork could include a combination of manila file folders and filing cabinets, computer document files and labeled binders. A good test for knowing whether or not a system is well-organized is if someone unfamiliar with the system could find the paper he is looking for without assistance.

Establish Clear Communications

Ensuring that communication is clear and effective is a key duty of a clerical employee. This task includes communicating with clients and guests, other businesses, administrative workers and fellow clerical workers. Communication should be completed in a friendly and professional manner at all times, whether using email, a telephone or talking face-to-face. All communication should be documented in a communication log, or if electronic, saved for future reference. Messages should be immediately communicated and important dates written into calendars and shared.

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