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Clerical Office Procedures

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A clerical position entails many different tasks. People who can multitask are a best fit for clerical positions as there are many different procedures that take place at once. Some companies require cleric workers to have a college degree and other companies prefer some experience. Quinsigamond Community College says employers look for individuals with a wide variety of software knowledge such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and who are also good communicators.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of a clerical position. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says people in this position answer and direct phone calls, take messages and handle email. Some clerical positions handle correspondence with vendors and other businesses.

Using Equipment

People in clerical positions use several pieces of equipment on a daily basis, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These pieces of equipment consist of copy machines, scanners, phone lines, video conference systems and computers.


The clerical worker must be well organized. Most individuals holding a clerical position work with filing, organizing and data entry on a regular basis. In some cases, people must organize travel and other matters of business for managers in the company.


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