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Clerical Staff Duties

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The clerical staff plays a vital role in any company. The staff members are the ones who perform the day-to-day duties of a typical office, and often are asked to perform a host of other functions for the company as well. However, duties and expectations of clerical staff are not always clear to applicants, and should be well-defined by the company before hiring.

Phone Calls

Clerical staff members are in charge of answering, directing and making phone calls. They must conduct these calls in a professional manner and be able to transfer calls and route callers to the proper voicemail box if the person is not there or is on another call. They also must be familiar with the roles of every employee so calls can be transferred correctly. They also must be familiar with what calls are necessary to transfer, and what calls, such as telemarketers, take a lower priority.


Clerical staff are responsible for both incoming and outgoing mail. Incoming mail needs to be sorted and delivered to the intended recipients, or opened by the clerical staff to determine the nature of the mailing, such as a customer complaint, and send it to the proper place. Outgoing mail must be organized, addressed and stamped. In addition, the clerical staff will coordinate with shipping services such as Federal Express for package delivery and pick-up.

Document Control

The responsibility of managing internal documents also falls largely to the clerical staff. Clerical staff members are responsible for typing, photocopying, distributing and filing or destroying all internal documents. They maintain a filing system in proper alphabetical order, and track sensitive documents that must be destroyed after a certain time. In addition, any large amounts of photocopying will be delegated to a staff member.

Event Coordination

Clerical staff members are often expected to coordinate company events. They arrange for food to be delivered at the correct time, and that any handouts will be copied and available. They will also help design any PowerPoint presentations or other multimedia elements that may be presented, and ensure that the conference room itself is in proper order before the event begins.

Supply Ordering and Petty Cash

Clerical staff members are often in charge of ordering office supplies as needed, and distributing petty cash to other members of the office for necessities such as cab rides or urgently needed supplies. Clerical staff generally perform a supply order once a week and other orders as needs come up.


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