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Restaurant Porter Job Duties

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Restaurant porters play an important role in the kitchen and overall operation of a restaurant. The porter usually keeps the kitchen area clean and tidy, although each restaurant will have different needs and job descriptions for its employees.


The main role of a porter in a restaurant is to ensure the dishes, pots and pans are clean and put away for further use. He may scrape food off of, rinse and hand wash dishes or use a dishwasher.


Restaurant porters empty the garbage from all the food preparation areas. This task includes any trash the bus boys may bring in from the tables to the kitchen.


Restaurant porters also clean the floor mats and the floor in the food preparation area at the end of the night or as requested. This area often is full of food in a fast-paced kitchen and requires regular cleaning.


Supervision is another job responsibility for restaurant porters. They may supervise other dishwashers in larger establishments and set the team's work hour schedules.

Food Prep

In smaller restaurants, the porter may be required to assist the chef in basic vegetable preparation.