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Modern Resume Styles

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Changes in technology and application processing have modified how resumes are written. Modern resumes are typically formatted to be compatible with the technological application process. Most resumes are automatically forwarded to an applicant tracking database when a job seeker responds to a job opening.

Text and Formatting

Text and formatting should allow employers to easily access your resume from a database that saves your application information in basic text formats. Save a copy of your resume with no font and style formatting when applying for jobs that require you cut and paste your resume into a database.


Because most employers filter resumes through human resources, modern resumes should include keywords or skills listed in the job description to allow human resources to find your resume through basic keyword searches.

Degrees and Certifications

When qualifying candidates for a position within an organization, the job opening may require degrees or certifications. Include full education descriptions, and abbreviations affiliated with your education. This allows your resume to be found by the employer, as they may search for an abreviation such as "B.S." instead of bachelor's degree.


Many job openings list skills required. Adding skills to your resume with specific attributes related to the job opening will assist employers in recognizing your resume in an applicant tracking database.

Include All Contact Information

A common misconception is to not include electronic contact information. When preparing your resume provide all forms of contact, including your cell phone and email address.


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