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How to Present a Resume Folder

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Creating a resume folder is one way to stand out above other candidates, particularly if you are at mid-career with a considerable amount of documents that back up your resume and display your exceptional skills, experience and qualities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nearly three unemployed people for every available job opening. Learning the best way to deliver the portfolio is imperative to your successful job search.

Resume Folder Contents

Your resume and a table of contents quickly enable recipients to see what you have to offer. Other beneficial enclosures include: written letters of recommendation; copies or photos of your work, such as publications or art pieces; and copies of special awards, certificates or licenses. End with significant documents, as these will stand out most to potential employers. Including a list of references, including their full names, job titles and contact information, makes it easier for employers to verify your information.

Presenting the Folder

At the beginning of your initial interview, state that you have a resume portfolio to leave with the employer for further review. If the hiring manager does not request the folder, offer it to him at the close of the interview and thank him for his time and consideration.


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