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Offline Typing Jobs

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Offline typing jobs are fast growing home-business opportunities because organizations and companies are turning to subcontractors to perform offline typing work from home to reduce overhead costs of maintaining full-time employees. Various offline typing jobs exist and finding the right one can provide you with steady income and the freedom to work your own hours and be your own boss.

Data Entry Typing

Offline data entry typing jobs involve typing data in plain text or lain data into forms provided by companies from your PC. The filled forms are delivered to the company saved in removable media, such as flash discs of CDs. Data entry typing jobs are available through online companies such as Online Home Jobs that have links to data entry service providers. You may also apply for offline data entry typing jobs with companies/ businesses in your local area that outsource data entry typing work to independent contractors.

Paid Typing Surveys

Businesses and market research companies regularly perform market research to gather business-relevant information, including information on how products and services perform in the market. The companies provide survey forms that you are required to type your opinion into to earn money for giving your opinion. Businesses and market research companies usually advertise paid survey typing jobs online and or in offline media properties, such as newspapers and magazines.

Content Editing/ Proof Reading

Offline content editing and proof reading typing jobs entail reading through documents, such as magazine articles, screen plays, short stories, application novels, research reports, dissertations and press releases to look for grammar and spelling errors. A good grasp of language and a keen eye for detail is required to succeed as a content editor or proofreader.

Scanned Images in Word

Scanned images in Microsoft Word typing jobs involve typing scanned images from older versions of MS Word programs, such as Word 97 to 2003 to newer versions of MS Word programs, such as MS Word 98 to 2010; following the specifications provided. The service provider sends scanned images to you via email. You watch and type the images in MS word. Familiarity with Microsoft Word programs is necessary to perform this job well.


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