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AppleOne Typing Certification

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AppleOne is a job placement agency. As an employment agency, it offers many employment resources including a certified typing test. AppleOne’s typing test is free (at most locations), yields a typing certificate after completion and only requires an appointment.

Scoring Method

AppleOne’s scoring method utilizes a five-minute typing exercise. After the five minutes, the gross rate of typing speed is recorded, such as 50 words per minute. The total number of errors over the five minutes are calculated and subtracted from the gross rate of typing speed. The result is the net speed or your typing speed, which is displayed on your typing certificate.

Typing Certificate

AppleOne’s typing certificate is widely accepted due to their scoring method. AppleOne’s typing certificate also includes the scoring method.


Most agencies will only accept a typing certificate which is no more than 12 months old and from test sites that conduct in-person testing. AppleOne’s typing test is performed in-person and, if passed, a certificate is issued on the spot at the end of the test.


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