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Types of Jobs at the Mall for Teens

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Teenagers looking to earn money to spend on their activities or to cover college fees are willing and able to do jobs in diverse industries. Teens who are at the lower end of the teenage scale, from 13 to 16 years old, prefer jobs close to home. These jobs include baby sitting, pet sitting, dog walking, shoveling driveways, pruning trees and running errands to the local stores. Teenagers in the 17 to 19 age group with access to a car or a good public transportation system generally wander further afield to look for jobs in restaurants, stores and shopping malls.

Clothing Stores

Shopping malls house numerous clothing and accessory stores. During the summer, holidays and sale seasons, the stores become increasingly busy and start hiring temporary help. Teenagers that are well dressed, polite and with good people skills, can secure jobs as clothing store assistants filling a variety of roles within the store. Clothing stores hire teen assistants to help put clothes back on the racks after customers have tried them on. Teenagers can also assist in store customer service roles, helping people find what they are looking for and escorting customers to the billing desk.

Video Game Arcades

Shopping malls are happening places and most teenagers like gathering in a mall because it has everything from food to entertainment housed in one place. Most malls have gaming arcades and entertainment centers. Teenagers fit right into this scene and securing a job as a ticket collector, cashier or floor assistant should not be a problem. Teens with some knowledge of cashiering can serve on the billing desk, others can help in collecting tickets for people who wish to play the games. Jobs available for teens in gaming arcades include assisting customers with queries on the games and supervising the gift stall.

Food Outlets

From fast food to Chinese, malls have a variety of different cuisines. Teens looking for jobs during the holidays can find jobs in the food outlets inside shopping malls. These jobs include bussing tables, handling the cash register, taking orders, serving customers, flipping burgers or performing cleaning tasks. Teens will have to adhere to strict codes of personal hygiene, food safety and sanitation in these roles.

Mall Stores

Stores in shopping malls use mascots to liven up their stores and attract customers. This concept is popular around the holidays, such as the Easter bunny at Easter time or elves and Santas at Christmas time. For the rest of the year, other themed mascots coincide with special promotions and sales. Getting a job as mascot at one of the many stores in a mall is not difficult for teens. The work is hard because of the costume that has to be worn all through the shift.


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