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Country Club General Manager Job Description

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A country club general manager is in charge of all the club's departments and functions. His areas of responsibility include a golf course, tennis courts, fitness centers, swimming pools, snack bars and at least one full-service bar and restaurant. Beside hands-on management of the facilities and staff, he is expected to run each department in an efficient, profitable and customer-oriented manner. He is usually expected to be accessible to the investors and board members to address their questions and concerns.

Many Skills Required

This position requires exemplary leadership and supervision skills. The general manager of a country club is expected to manage and motivate supervisors and staff in each division of her facility. Her skills in client relations must be flawless to attract and retain members. Administrative abilities in budget administration, vendor negotiations and renovation project management are required for this job. If physical improvements need to be made to the facility, she is expected to analyze the needs and prepare cost projections for review by the members of the board and club owners.

Working with the Board

Most country clubs large enough to need a general manager are run by the joint decisions of a board composed of country club members and the property's owners and investors. One of the general manager's main duties is to please both of these groups through providing members with desired amenities at reasonable costs while generating a healthy profit for the owners and shareholders. He has to be personable but resolute in his management style to be productive and run a respectable, lucrative club. Managing renovation projects is frequently a job requirement as thriving country clubs frequently undergo expansions and remodeling to accommodate increased membership.

A Nice Setting for an Office

This job typically has a desirable work environment. The general manager of a country club is usually surrounded by a range of recreational areas and equipment being enjoyed by club members and their families. The required attire normally ranges from club casual to business casual. Hours may be long and require evening or weekend work.

Educational Requirements

This position normally requires a bachelor's degree, preferably in business administration or business management. Expertise acquired through previous management positions is preferred. A good track record in managing profitable businesses is desirable.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities

Advancement opportunities for country club general managers are typically limited. A larger or more prestigious club may bring an offer with a higher salary. According to the jobs website Indeed, in 2014 a country club manager in Detroit earned $63,000; in Miami, $57,000; in Greenwich, CT, $84,000; and in Los Angeles, $64,000.


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