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Job Description of a Country Director

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An advanced degree is required to work as a country director. This includes a master's degree or postgraduate degree. A qualification in a management course is an added advantage. She also needs to have had prior management experience in a large organization.

Responsibilities and Duties

The country director will be in charge of supervising programs and projects. He will also be expected to manage and supervise a team of employees. He assists in the screening and hiring of new staff. He will provide training for employees and develop training programs for staff. He also develops the strategic plan and ensures that the operational plans and strategic plans of the organization are met. The manager is responsible for managing all the resources of the organization in the country. He reports back to his superiors and may be required to prepare mid-year and end-year reports on progress made.

Technical Skills

He should have computer skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs such as Ms Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint will be a plus. He/ should have critical skills to analyze and interpret basic accounting data and have basic budget preparation skills, too. He should be able to have contract and procurement making skills and negotiation skills.

Desirable Qualities

A country director should have good diplomatic and interpersonal skills. She should have good communication skills, written and oral and should be able to coordinate teams and be a self-starter. She should have good leadership and administration skills and relevant experience in the field she wants to work in. The country director should network and maintain a good working relationship with other stakeholders in the industry and in the country. She should have good judgment and decision-making skills.


As of June 2010, the average salary for country directors is $122,000 per year. Salaries vary according to the location, level of experience, education and company.


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