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The Job Description of a Duty Manager

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The position of duty manager is often found in service industries such as fitness clubs and hotels, and is generally responsible for general management and security issues within the organization as well as ensuring that customer and employee issues are properly handled. The duty manager is usually required to maintain a physical presence in the organization when on duty. She works with various departments and usually sits in on upper management meetings.


A duty manager should hold a bachelor’s degree in business management, administration or management. Having a master's degree such as an MBA is an added advantage. A duty manager should also have relevant qualifications in the field of his employment, including previous management experience.

Responsibilities and Duties

The duty manager is responsible for the general upkeep of the organization’s facilities, including storage areas, offices and the basement. She is responsible for the general cleanliness and tidiness of the offices and other facilities. Therefore, she ensures regular servicing of the organization's facilities. She addresses problems immediately as they arise when she is on duty. She meets with top management and keeps them informed about the running of the organization, problem areas and recommendations. She handles complaints from clients. She covers for other duty managers when they are off or on sick leave. She oversees security issues and ensures safe locking of the organization's facilities and resources.

Desirable Qualities

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A duty manager has good organizational skills. He is disciplined and has a strong presence. He is professional and has good customer service and public relations skills. He has good conflict resolution skills. He has an outgoing personality, is reliable and dependable. He should be able to work as part of a team effectively. He has the ability to work under pressure and prioritize. He has good communication and coordination skills to liaise effectively with various departments.

Working Conditions

Duty managers may be required to work for 40 to 48 hours in a week. However, this varies depending on the company's staffing and organizational needs. The duty manager is expected to always be alert and informed of what is going on in the organization. This means that the duty manager always has a busy schedule.


The salary for duty managers is subject to location, industry and size of the organization. The average salary for a duty manager is $27,142 per year, according to Salary Calculator. Duty managers can also expect bonuses, depending on the organization they work with.


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