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What Are the Duties of a Gym General Manager?

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A gym general manager is integral to the overall success of a workout facility. He or she is responsible for providing members a safe place to work out, ensuring the gym's profitability. Managing the staff, administrative functions, and overseeing promotional activities to increase gym memberships top the list of gym manager responsibilities, and in the case of corporate franchise gyms, he or she also carries out initiatives from headquarters.

Staff Management

Gym managers ensure the success and quality of work of the facility's staff, which may include a wide range of employees, such as personal trainers and front desk clerks. This usually entails ensuring that all staff are adequately trained and can fully execute their own duties as well as work as a team, while maintaining a safe work environment. Managers also recruit new staff and enforce disciplinary actions when necessary.

Administrative Duties

Gym managers duties include staying on top of a wide range of administrative tasks. This usually includes overseeing the gym's budget, managing payroll, and coordinating the purchase of new equipment. Promotional activities to increase gym membership and member satisfaction also fall under the administrative duty umbrella. To support these efforts, a manager may conduct market research, manage public relations outreach, and coordinate advertising.

Customer Service

As the on-site leader of the facility, the gym manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring member satisfaction with the gym. This requires exceptional customer service skills. When gym staff cannot resolve a member's issue on their own, the manager must work with his team to provide a solution. Managers also help to recruit new members and keep established members happy. This could include offering tours and instruction for prospective members, setting up customer appreciation events, or answering questions about equipment, classes, or other services.

Gym Maintenance

Overseeing the safety and cleanliness of the facilities is an especially important duty of a gym manager. He or she is responsible for making sure that all fitness equipment is working properly to reduce member and staff injury and limit liability on behalf of the gym. Should equipment break down, the manager usually coordinates the repair or replacement of defective equipment. The gym manager also delegates cleaning duties to his maintenance personnel and other gym staff.


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