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Duties of an Assistant Sales Manager

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Assistant sales managers are just as important as sales managers in a company or business. Sales managers have a lot of responsibilities and duties, the primary of which is maintaining or improving sales. Such duties may require the addition of an assistant sales manager. The assistant sales manager helps with all the responsibilities of the sales manager to meet the establishment's sales goals.

Generate Sales and Profit

An assistant sales manager, as part of the sales department, meets or exceeds the target sales and profit. He takes part in weekly sales and wage targets. He imparts his interpersonal and creativity skills to accomplish this. An assistant sales manager communicates to all the staff the details of the daily sales targets, ensuring that everyone is informed.

Customer Service

Aside from sales responsibilities, an assistant sales manager who is involved in retail or restaurant businesses provides the best customer service to clients and customers. He ensures that all the staff are well-informed of the customer service rules and deals with customer complaints, ensuring that issues are resolved without escalating or losing a customer.


An assistant sales manager leads the rest of the staff. Apart from assisting them in carrying out their tasks, the assistant sales manager develops the staff’s customer service and interpersonal skills to achieve the company’s goal. He maintains communication with the staff and motivates them to achieve target sales and profits by becoming a good example. Reprimanding the staff with a poor performance is necessary to implement disciplinary procedures; praising and recognizing good performances are just as important.

Possess Personnel Skills

The assistant sales manager must possess personnel skills to maintain an effective workforce. He assists in the recruitment and selection process, ensuring that the newly hired have potential in the growth and success of the company. He is part of the training process to guarantee that the staff achieves its goals. Apart from all these, an assistant sales manager carries out the daily duties of the sales manager when he is absent.